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Khoei Hassan Khoei 2014-15

Khoei Hassan Khoei 2014-15

Nohay Khuwan: Khoei Hassan Khoei

Noha Khuwan Khoei Hassan Khoei 
Released Year:- 2014-15
Total Track:- 10 
Location:- India
Added Date:- Thursday, 9th October 2014
Effort:- Khoei Hassan Khoei

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# NOHA TITLE Download Audio
01 Haa Main Chalta  DOWNLOAD
02 Boli Sughra  DOWNLOAD
03 Bandhe Hai Ek  DOWNLOAD
04 Haye Qasim A.s.  DOWNLOAD
05 Bayan Karti  DOWNLOAD
06 Aashor Ko DOWNLOAD
07 Ky Baat Hai  DOWNLOAD
08 Pukarti Hai  DOWNLOAD
09 Lakh Da Lashkar  DOWNLOAD
10 Kahti The  DOWNLOAD

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