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Zawar Sangat 2015

Zawar Sangat 2015

Nohay Khuwan: Zawar Sangat

Noha Khuwan Zawar Sangat 
Released Year:- 2014-15
Total Track:- 08 
Location:- Pakistan
Added Date:- Sunday, 19th October 2014
Effort:- Zawar Sangat

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# NOHA TITLE Download Audio
01 Baba Tu Naal Le Ja  DOWNLOAD
02 Ya Hussain (A.S)  DOWNLOAD
03 Aye Ada Asghar (A.S)  DOWNLOAD
04 Asghar (A.S) Jee Mukhay Yaad Sataye  DOWNLOAD
05 Koi Poochay Itna Zainab (S.A) Se  DOWNLOAD
06 Qasim (A.S) Sehra Ser Pe To Saja  DOWNLOAD
07 Kahan Dhoondo Kahan Ja Ker  DOWNLOAD
08 Aa Ja Akbar (A.S) Teriyan Rawaan  DOWNLOAD