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Qurban Jafri Nohay 2020-21

Qurban Jafri Nohay 2020-21

Nohay Khuwan: Qurban Jafri

Noha Khuwan Qurban Jafri (قربان جعفری)
Album Title:- Rahwaar Daorty Hoon
Released Year:- Muharrum 1442 / 2020-21
Total Track:- 15
Location:- Pakistan
Added Date:- Wednesday, 7th July 2021

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01 Ah Dur Na Pawan Ha Baba DOWNLOAD
02 Akhy Shabbir Bachr Kon DOWNLOAD
03 Behn Kith Rul Gye DOWNLOAD
04 Chadar Dewo Logo DOWNLOAD
05 Chan Asghar DOWNLOAD
06 Hur a Ke Sham De DOWNLOAD
07 Hussain On Be Niaz Kety DOWNLOAD
08 Janaza Ghoat Da A Gye DOWNLOAD
09 Jibraeel De Paraan Te Sumhan DOWNLOAD
10 Kon Mastoor Ha DOWNLOAD
11 Lorain Waly DOWNLOAD
12 Lutain Main Veeran Lutain DOWNLOAD
13 Qasim Banra DOWNLOAD
14 Shabbir Tera Shukrya DOWNLOAD
15 Jye Bakhat De Raat DOWNLOAD

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